The solution depends on the application

Therefore, BEKO offers application-optimised products for compressed-air processing. Refrigeration, adsorption and membrane dryers for volumes up to 1,500 m³/h have been part of the product line for years. The heat regenerating EVERDRY® adsorption dryers, which are designed for large volume flows up to 20,000 m³/h, complete these.EVERDRY® means customer-oriented, custom-designed plant engineering using standardised, high-performance technology.Engineering and manufacturing are implemented by BEKO Systems GmbH, a company of the BEKO Group. Their knowledge about industry-specific requirements, longstanding experience with regard to plant engineering and BEKO's international presence are concentrated in a unique service package.Consultation, engineering, installation and service for EVERDRY® drying systems are internationally available via the BEKO sales- and service-organisation and other qualified partners.


EVERDRY® - The customised solution for all specifications

EVERDRY® offers standardised concepts with many variation possibilities. In this manner, all criteria of application and decision are optimally fulfilled. Customer-specific requirements are met by individual solutions which are geared towards the needs of each application.

It is clear: As far as EVERDRY® is concerned, it is not the available technology which determines the concept of a drying plant, but the solution-oriented, optimum technology.

  • Cooling by blower air (ambient air)
  • The optimum solution for the standard application


  • Cooling by blower air (ambient air)
  • Investment-oriented ZERO PURGE adsorption dryer


  • Cooling by a pressure-released partial stream of dry air
  • Purge air demand of 2 % for cooling


  • Cooling via blower air in a closed loop
  • Also suitable for tropical climates (water cooling)




Fields of Application